Quality & Colour

Quality Accreditation

ISO9001 Quality Management Systems

  • We get quality. We want it, we need it & we pursue it!
  • Different businesses specialising in different areas all working with the one quality system.
  • We pursue quality and take process driven approaches to delivering products and services.

 What does this mean for our clients?

ISO9001 creates the platform for an effective Quality Management System. We get it, for us quality is a given, for you it’s a must. When you’re working with the Eckersley Print Group you can be assured that any task undertaken is done within the specifications of this robust system. For any further information about our quality systems please consult with our sales team – we’re here to help.

For further information visit https://www.iso.org/iso-9001-quality-management.html

Colour Management

We’re committed to providing our clients with consistent and predictable colours that match across all forms of print. To ensure that we can deliver on this commitment we have become accredited to the following;

AS/NZS ISO 12647 2:2013 Compliance in Colour Management for Offset Print


AS/NZS ISO 12647-7 Compliance in Colour Management for Colour Proofing


We ultilse these accreditations along with Fogra 39.


If your material is produced using a variety of printing methods the colour quality will not differ. When you use Eckersley Group for your print we can ensure consistency and reliable quality on every item we produce for you.